Weight Management Solution

Gain Knowledge Gain Result, Eat Healthy Diet, Support With Supplements, Do Simple Exercises

Our Weight Management Solution is a science-based customizable program that can help you do weight management to suit your unique lifestyle. We do not believe in one size fit all, so we offer multiple personalized programs that support you to reach your weight loss goals. This Weight Management Solution includes an eating plan, focuses on body structure, getting sufficient supplement and nutrition, and acquiring weight management knowledge. It provides broad, customized plans that cover all things you need to get trim and gain fitness. Soon you will be able to lead a new, healthy lifestyle by achieving your weight loss goals.

Eating Plan



We think that food should be delightful, nutritive and energizing. We provide the menus and recipes and you get your appetite. We emphasize on food quality, because every people need to consume great range of wholesome food. Proper food intake helps normal blood-sugar levels and allows the body to stay in fat-burning zone. With a healthy diet and exercise program, you will feel rejuvenated, vigilant and productive.

Body Structure



A healthy body must be energetic, which is why we promote body fitness. This can be achieved through our clear-cut exercise plans, videos and interactive tools. To attain a healthy body structure, we focus on the loss of body fat to increase the amount of muscle over fat. This is important as muscle commands metabolism. To upkeep an ideal body structure, we monitor your BMI calculation and advice on diet with exercise plans.

Weight Management Supplements



To boost your weight management efforts, we propose some weight management nutrition supplements. Different weight management struggles require different nutrition supplements, which is specially formulated. Whether it is the supplement to support your diet or support your fitness exercise, we explored a good range of products that suit your weight management needs. However, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care provider before starting any supplements.

Weight Management Education



Determine why you struggled to lose weight in the past, and change bad habits permanently. We show you how to maintain your weight loss success and stay inspired. Our interactive tools will also help keep you motivated, because they track your progress throughout your weight management journey. We’re here for you every step of the way. In order to ensure our Weight Management Solution is sustainable, we emphases on weight management knowledge for both the body and mind. We provide you the educational videos and informative social media support pages to change your life.

Weight Management Coach



Different people might have different weight management goals and body structure. Some might want to loss weight, others might want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To support their weight management goals, a weight management coach will be assign and facilitate the individual through this comprehensive program. The coach will guide the individual to run through a weight management profile and choose a program that suits each individual’s goal. The coach can also advise individuals if they have question about the program and help monitor their progress towards their weight management goals.

Sign up our Weight Management Solution for S$50 and you will get the following:

  • 2 hours 1-1 Coaching Session
  • Weight Management Profile
  • Weight Management Plan
    1. Eating Plan
    2. Exercise Plan
    3. Supplement Plan
    4. Monitor Plan
  • Weight Management Support in media, Social Media and Youtube.
  • Free gift worth S$35.95 – Calcium Plus 300g (about 90 serving) essential for building and maintaining strong bones includes an optimal blend of calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin C and boron.

Money Back Guarantee only for unattended session or cancellation before appointment. Please inform 4 hours before appointment.

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